Kiosk ready in a day, TouchPresenter helps

Kiosk ready in a day

If you want to disseminate information to customers, visitors, and patients in an easy-to-update, interactive format, the TouchPresenter software helps you to achieve this goal quickly and efficiently.

No programming knowledge is needed. Use TouchPresenter to build a compelling information kiosk from scratch. TouchPresenter includes the capabilities and features you need to make compelling interactive kiosk and digital signage applications.

Flexibility by design

Create an information kiosk tailor-made for the specific needs of your customers and visitors.

Maximize impact and efficiency

Integrate documents, presentations, slide shows, videos, audios, PDF documents as well as websites and web pages from multiple sources.

it only takes a couple of hours to put together a TouchPresenter powered information kiosk with several pages
Start in the morning

Create a quick layout, navigation outline and storyboard. Then gather artwork and any rich content materials. Most likely most of them are on file already: Logo, images, PowerPoint presentations and slideshows, videos, audio files, PDF documents, websites/web pages.

If you prefer, have your graphics department create ready-made pages for you. Using TouchPresenter's unique sensor areas, you can then create touch-active zones around design elements and interlink them as needed.

  • Use your own materials
  • Apply branding
  • Implement action links
  • Schedule content
  • Set time-out + passcode
  • Test
Put the kiosk in front of your customer at noon

There are several ways how to get the complete information kiosk content from your computer to the kiosk. Especially if you want the project to become available on multiple kiosks or if they are in another location, remote deployment is much more convenient.

With no network or internet connection at the kiosk: Export to a thumb drive and import. With network or internet access to the kiosk, several options are feasible: Export/import via network, export/import via remoting software, cloud-based synchronization with TouchPresenter's add-in product Infopacer.

  • Manual deployment
  • Network deployment
  • Remoting
  • Cloud-sync
publishing content to the kiosk is accomplished within a few moments
TouchPresenter records kiosk usage and makes usage statistics and color charts available for view and export
View use statistics in the evening

Let customers and visitors discover kiosk content in self-service at their discretion. The built-in usage statistics record each selection in the background. You can view and export color charts and statistical data at any time.

  • Use metrics
  • Color charts
  • Filter by month/week/day
  • General logs
Simplify how you convey information to on-site customers

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