Single and Multi-Task Kiosks

Build your kiosk with the right digital content at the right time

Purpose-built Self-service Information

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Use Some Or All Kiosk Content Creation Features

Check out this video for ideas on features that help you pull together interactive information kiosk content from a broad range of sources to delight and empower your customers.

Whether you dedicate your information kiosk to a single purpose or to multiple purposes, TouchPresenter has the features you need to bring your kiosk to life with customized content supporting your brand and the work you do. A TouchPresenter powered kiosk works for you around the clock. Setup and updates are easy.

Simplify On-site Customer Information

Start delighting customers, visitors and employees with digital information.

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hombebuilders can showcase the interior and exterior of their homes, capture buyer information and introduce financing options
General Purpose Information Kiosk

Let the kiosk tell your company's story. Introduce products and services, showcase projects in images, videos, presentations, PDF documents. Tell customers and visitors about your history, upcoming events, latest news, awards and accomplishments.

Make your next trade show even more successful with a brochure kiosk created with TouchPresenter. The trade show attendees will love the new and easy way of viewing your documents and presentations in PDF format, and may even opt to email some or all to themselves directly from the kiosk. Digital brochure kiosks are a win-win: Less paper to carry around for your booth visitors; fewer documents to print for you.

  • Lobby kiosk
  • Boardroom kiosk
  • Show room kiosk
  • Trade show booth kiosk
  • Museum kiosk
  • Zoo kiosk
  • Homebuilder kiosk
  • PDF document kiosk
  • Photo gallery kiosk
  • Video catalog kiosk
  • Educational kiosk
  • Informational kiosk
More General Purpose Information Kiosk

TouchPresenter delivers the tools you need to put together a fully customized, vivid and engaging kiosk application. You are in control over styles, colors, fonts, imagery, copy text, materials, and web links you know are most attractive to the demographics you serve.

  • Healthcare kiosk
  • Restaurant kiosk
  • Event kiosk
  • Road show kiosk
  • Conference kiosk
  • Product info kiosk
  • Homebuilder kiosk
healthcare information kiosks explain diseases, offer health and fitness tips with rich digital content

People need information: To get around, to plan, to learn and to make decisions. Tap into the need for information and reap the benefits.


The better a customer understands your products and how to use them, the greater are the chances that the buying decision will favor your organization.


Interactive information kiosks are ideal for delivering compelling, easily understandable messages geared towards a specific audience.


Showcase product features, tell your audience about special offers. Announce upcoming events, product training sessions, and webinars.

library kiosks can contain anything from book reviews to movie trailers over author reading, book club and tuting information
Multi-Functional Kiosks

Combine information and customer feedback; information and searchable database; product information and website(s); other tailor-made combinations fitting your unique purpose.

  • Library kiosk
  • Tourist kiosk
  • Info + survey kiosk
  • Veteran's memorial kiosk
  • In-store shopping kiosk
  • Hall of fame + gift store
  • Church kiosks
Human Resources

Offer workers without computer access informational and educational content, let them complete surveys on the kiosk, offer quizzes related to safety and other topics for "infotainment" or provide internet access services. The possibilities are endless to please, inform and educate employees.

  • Informational kiosk
  • Educational kiosk
  • Internet access kiosk
  • Employee survey kiosk
  • Employee quiz kiosk
  • Cafeteria kiosk
tourist information kiosks are excellent for what to do, where to go, what to see and where to eat information
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