Why Information Kiosks

Information on demand for out-of-home customers

Information keeps people going

Kiosks are an excellent way to empower customers and visitors through information

Why businesses should have information kiosks

Information kiosks are an ideal solution for all industries with direct customer contact. They benefit kiosk users and owners alike. They also offer a unique opportunity to connect with clients and visitors in a non-obtrusive way at any time.

Information kiosks quickly achieve a return on investment by eliminating printing costs and workload. The electronic content of information kiosks is easy to keep up-to-date. It never becomes obsolete. There is no paper waste, no hassle. Once implemented, self-service kiosks serve as a sustainable information solution for years to come.

Kiosks eliminate these six common information problems

Information kiosks elegantly master customer information challenges

boring waiting areas are a missed opportunity for custmer engagement at the point of service
Problem One: Boring waiting areas

Dull waiting areas are often a missed opportunity at emergency rooms, doctor's offices, dentists, pharmacies, beauty salons, car dealerships, the transportation industry and many others, where people are idly waiting until it is their turn. There may be a bunch of magazines, the TV playing news shows and ads or nothing at all.

Turn this missed opportunity into one that benefits both sides. Make use of this idly spent time with information about the topics of the reason of the visit. Information kiosks deliver the customized message of choice. They inform and educate with YOUR message, not somebody else's.

  • Shorten waiting times
  • Edutain
  • Infotain
  • Connect
Problem Two: Insufficient information

Customers need help to make a decision, compare, use and install products but are reluctant as of yet to approach a sales person or they find sales people engaged with other customers.

In contrast, information kiosks have the ability that after a one-time set-up to deliver a vast amount of information. They never run out-of-stock, instantly provide the precise information a customer is requesting and do not your staff's time and attention.

  • Eliminate print material
  • Information Kiosk
  • Decision help
  • Tailor-made content
  • Digital information
insufficient information at the point of experience frequently discourage customers to make a purchase
informatin kiosks empower customers with easy to access information
Problem Three: Difficult to access information

Information offered on paper is difficult to skim through and compare. In many cases, the ability to quickly distinguish between product versions is what helps customers make a buying decision. Customers cannot be expected to search through stacks of paper documents and product descriptions. Other examples of difficult to access to information include information that is kept behind the counter, out of reach for customers, accessible for sales personnel only.

Information kiosks are the ideal solution for delivering product comparisons and similar decision tools in a pleasing manner.

  • Accessible information
  • Digital content
  • Searchable content
  • Tailor-made content
Problem Four: No Information

It happens more often than one would think. There is no product information available at a place of business or venue for many reasons.

Situations like that can be effectively prevented with self-service information kiosks customers can engage with 24/7.

  • Information Kiosk
  • Low cost digital content
  • Never obsolete
  • Easy to update
TouchPresenter run information kiosks make creating and updating customer information easy
it is quick and easy to update information kiosks powered by TouchPresenter software
Problem Five: Problem Five: Outdated information

In most cases, outdated information is mainly due to the cost-intensive update of print material. Outdated information is a potential source for dissatisfied customers as it provides an average customer experience rather than a great one.

The electronic content of information kiosks powered by TouchPresenter kiosk software is very easy to keep up-to-date and does not incur costs.

  • Digital content
  • Easy to update
  • Cost-free update
  • Only seconds to update
Problem Six: Unattractive Information

Customers presented with dull looking stacks of paper shy away and may even prefer to go without information. Much worse, they may leave.

Information kiosks deliver attractive information to customers and visitors. They are interactive, empower customers and provide a pleasant customer experience.

  • Information Kiosk
  • Vivid information
  • Rich content
  • Compelling
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