Why TouchPresenter

TouchPresenter, the one-stop information kiosk software

Simplify how you disseminate information

Deliver compelling digital content at the touch of a button

Interactive content editor

Deliver electronic content that is fast and easy to access and suitable for people from all walks of life. Anyone can interact with a TouchPresenter powered kiosk.

Lock-down browser

Bring all or parts of your website on-site quickly. Restrict browsing outside of explicitly allowed domains and single web page addresses. Bring up a website with and without a keypad.

Wide range of applications

Make a beautiful information kiosk filled with the content relevant to your clients and important to you. Bring your brand closer to your on-site customers with every touch on the screen.


Deliver compelling, to-the-point information in a user-friendly format. Information that is available 24/7 and empowers your customers and visitors.


Digital content from multiple sources engages your customers in show-and-tell sessions when they turn to the kiosks to get more information.


Use a variety of design elements like images, call-to-actions, presentations, videos, and PDF's to promote your products and services. Announce upcoming events and specials.


Help your customers better understand your products and services through interesting pieces of information packed into presentations, videos and slide shows.

Fast and easy

Build a new information kiosk from scratch in just a few hours. No special skills, no programming knowledge required.


Enjoy powerful features that deliver compelling content using your presentations, slideshows, videos, PDF's, audio clips, surveys, ...


TouchPresenter gives you full control over the content as well as the look and feel of your information kiosk. Customize every aspect of it to delight your customers.

All-in-one tool

TouchPresenter functions as editor, publisher, and player in an all-in-one tool. Also included: Kiosk usage statistics with readily available color charts.

Simplify on-site customer information

Make your kiosk work for you harder with TouchPresenter.

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