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TouchPresenter, the one-stop information kiosk software for all industries

TouchPresenter makes it easy to create, publish and manage compelling interactive information kiosks and digital signage content.

TouchPresenter comes with a powerful set of features you can use to create a wide range of compelling information kiosk applications. It gives you the ability to create new pages from scratch as well as to import pre-designed kiosk pages to overlay touch-sensitive action links. Among materials you can link to are presentations, slide shows, videos, HTML pages and PDF documents.

TouchPresenter also includes a lock-down browser to restrict browsing to allowed domains.

Simplify how you convey information to on-site customers

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Meet TouchPresenter

The most versatile and feature-rich information kiosk software

Editor, Publisher and Player in one

TouchPresenter is multi-functional. You can create content, deploy the content to one or more kiosks as well as display the content.

Your kiosk content page by page

Each page of your kiosk contains custom content interconnected through purpose-built navigation and action links.

Numerous design options

Build kiosk pages from scratch, import pre-designed pages, or import and link to materials made by other programs.

Amazingly simple, stunning results

TouchPresenter is easy to use. It does not require programming knowledge. Become a TouchPresenter expert in a day.

Interactive content

Each button, touch-active zone or call-to-action panel leads kiosk users exactly to the content of interest. Create one or more levels of engagement.

Lock-down browser

Link to your own website or certain pages or link to third party websites. Use the built-in lock-down browser to restrict browsing to allowed domains.

Custom navigation

Organize your content as needed. If your kiosk features many different topics or categories, navigation with several levels will serve kiosk users best.

Designed for self-service

Features supportive of self-service are already built-in: Full-screen mode, a passcode to start and stop the app as well as timeout with reset to the home page.

More Features

Touch-active zones

Simply import pre-designed kiosk pages from your graphics department and apply touch-active zones where appropriate.


Deliver pre-selected information kiosk content at different times of the day: Display the right message at the right time.

Time-out Settings

Determine after how many seconds or minutes of no user action the kiosk times out and returns to the home page, intro page or another page.

Kiosk Statistics

View TouchPresenter kiosk logs and use metrics statistics and color charts at any time. See what content fares better than others.

Build your own information kiosk at a reasonable price

TouchPresenter software licenses start at $195 for a lifetime license, without restrictions as to how many information kiosk projects you can create.

To make an impact with today's customers, readily available rich content is a must. Electronic content is also a smart decision when it comes to cost and keeping it up-to-date.

Simplify on-site customer information

OUT with the good old printed brochures, flyers, posters, IN with new, shiny digital content that's easy to update and never obsolete!


Delight and engage customers

TouchPresenter brings your kiosk to life with vivid information on demand. Your customers and visitors only touch a button and are instantly presented with the desired information.


Seize more opportunities to connect with customers

Make every customer experience at your place of business a great one and deliver the information your customers and visitors need to learn about your products and services and to make buying decisions. TouchPresenter information kiosk software provides the features you need to build a kiosk that gets your message out.
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