Information kiosk resources

Information Kiosk Resources

Thinking about implementing information kiosks? Here are some helpful tips.

First Time Kiosk Owners

Without software, a kiosk is an enclosure with a touch screen, a computer and an operating system. Kiosk software like TouchPresenter brings the kiosk to life. Which to purchase first depends on the type of hardware bought and its time of delivery.

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Planning ahead for a successful rollout

Unless off-the-shelf hardware like all-in-one touch computers is selected, it is of advantage to purchasing the kiosk software at the time of ordering the kiosk enclosure, as in many cases it takes several weeks and months until a custom configured, branded kiosk gets delivered. This time in between could be used to get all kiosk content-related tasks underway.

Among major decisions are: The kiosk location and its infrastructure (electrical outlets, internet connection,...), purpose and goal of the kiosk(s), kiosk content (what content and artwork and who is creating it (internal or external sources), navigation, assignment of responsibilities during planning, execution and maintenance.

Helpful resources on this website

A number of pages on the TouchPresenter website contains information about kiosk hardware selection, kiosk planning, and kiosk content selection. Our kiosk content creation services are another option for customers who want to outsource the task.

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Additional resources

Contact the TouchPresenter team for additional kiosk-related resources.

Among freely available materials are navigation button images, background images, and demo projects. The TouchPresenter team can assist with rendering information kiosk mock-ups.

External resources

There are many free and low-cost sources for images, vector graphics, illustrations and video available on the internet. If you come into a situation where you find yourself in need of stock photos or video, you may want to check them out.

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Sources offering free materials

Low cost sources

Free user training

Creating kiosk pages is a different task from anything you have ever done before. There are some similarities to creating a PowerPoint presentation or creating a website. Keep self-service suitability and touch screen interface not mouse interface in mind.

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Pick our experts' brain

Tell our experts a little bit about your ideas for the information kiosk you want to create and join us for a free web meeting for a hands-on training session.

Some of our customers

All industries with direct customer contact can use TouchPresenter

TouchPresenter users are found across all industries. Each kiosk project is unique and serves the needs of the respective organization and its customers.

Information kiosks in sales and service organizations take a more sales-driven approach, while museums, art galleries and other knowledge-enhancing and fine arts industries dedicate their kiosks to showcase exhibits. Many museum users solve exhibition space problems and use their kiosks to show the digitized versions of exhibits kept in storage to the public.

Other TouchPresenter users embracing self-service information, focus on empowering customers and visitors. Their kiosks are rolledt out for customers and visitors to learn more about a topic autonomously, e.g. trade show booth kiosks, visitor bureau kiosks, tourist information kiosks, library kiosks.

TouchPresenter used for a museum information kiosk
visitor can educate themselves about ongoing energy projects
information kiosk with quiz entertains zoo visitors of all ages
museum visitors learn about exhibits in the museum and galleries
the information kiosk educates students, faculty and visitors about treatment and prevention in abused children
students and faculty find valuable information in the kiosk
the information kiosks helps students and visitors learn about important university policies
showroom visitors learn more about products and services
the information kiosk informs visitors about the organization's work on kidney health
detailed information about the national park can be found in the information kiosk
the visitor centre offers information for tourists together with a survey
information about upcoming events, county history and more is available in the information kiosk
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