Content Selection

Deliver kiosk content that excites your customers

Criteria for selecting interactive kiosk content

What's in the information kiosk is critical for kiosk success.

Easy to access

Keep kiosk navigation simple and easy to understand. Clearly label buttons, panes, and other design elements. Avoid confusion on what information will be revealed.

Fast to access

Ensure that each selection rewards the kiosk user with the desired information promptly. The right hardware selection and configuration is a crucial element for speed.

To the point

Be considerate of how much time people would like to spend at the kiosk. Deliver quickly comprehensible, to-the-point information in the first and more detailed information in consecutive navigation levels.

Simplify on-site customer information

Make your kiosk work for you harder with TouchPresenter.

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What content to select?

Try to create a balance between what your audience would like to find on the kiosk and the information you want to disseminate to promote your business. What information is frequently requested? What could be of interest to the average customer, patient or visitor? Are you selling something? How could information at the kiosk help with buying decisions? What content could encourage repeat visits? Are there upcoming events or specials sales the kiosk could promote?

Situation appropriate content

When pulling together content for the kiosk, you already have determined the goals you want to achieve and the primary purpose of the kiosk. Customer-centric content selection will ultimately benefit both your customers and your business. Mix passive content [video, document, presentation] with active content where the user needs to enter something. Divide passive content into smaller portions to avoid requiring customers to stay focused for an extended period. Adjust the kiosk content to the environment it is in. In busy high-traffic situations deliver short pieces of information at a time.

The right mix of content

Use a variety of design elements like images, call-to-actions, presentations, videos and PDF documents to promote your products and services, to announce upcoming events and special sales. To extend the kiosk reach particularly for mobile device users, consider adding QR codes with a link to your website, virtual coupons, PDF document emailing or sign-up opportunities for upcoming events.

Fine-tune later

If you are unsure about kiosk content choices, putting teaser content on the kiosk for several weeks and then checking back with the kiosk statistics may be helpful. If the outcome is mixed, consider taking fine-tuning a step further and actively ask kiosk users for their input. TouchPresenter is compatible with the Digivey survey software, which makes it easy to add a quick survey to the kiosk content.

Fast and easy

Build a new information kiosk from scratch in just a few hours. No special skills required, no programming knowledge.


Enjoy powerful content options that deliver compelling content using presentations, slideshows, videos, PDF documents, surveys, ...


Take full control over the digital content as well as the look and feel of your kiosk. Customize every aspect of it to delight your customers.

All-in-one tool

TouchPresenter features an editor as well as a player. It makes it easy for everyone to link to or import a variety of materials.