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What operating systems are supported?
TouchPresenter runs under Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and Windows XP.
More details can be found under System requirements.
What hardware will I need?
For interactive information kiosk use we recommend touch screen displays 19"+. The display size should not be much larger than 32" since the kiosk user needs to be able to interact with its touch screen at close range.
Screen sizes 36"+ may require the user to step back to see all content presented on the screen.
Where can I find my license key?
Upon receipt of payment you will receive e-delivery information including the license key(s) to the email address you indicated during purchase.
Please contact customer support if you did not receive or can't find your license key(s). We are here to help.
What is included in each TouchPresenter software license?
Each TouchPresenter software license includes the right to install and use the software on one computer or one kiosk for an unlimited period of time.
What if I loose my license key(s)?
Please contact customer support if you misplaced your license key(s). We are here to help.
My computer/my kiosk computer malfunctioned. How can I re-install TouchPresenter?
Please contact customer support with company name, user name and date of purchase. We are here to help.
Do I need a license for each kiosk?
Yes, each computer, kiosk or talbet requires its own license.
How do I get updates and upgrades for my TouchPresenter license(s)?
We recommend to sign-up for TouchPresenter e-newsletters that also include newly available update and upgrade information. Otherwise, please contact us for update and upgrade information.
Are updates and upgrades free of charge?
For the first 12 months since purchase, updates and upgrades are free charge. After the first 12 months, updates of the same full version number, e.g. V5 are free, however if the version number should have changed and the license is beyond the first 12 months grace period, updates and upgrades are available at the upgrade price.
I'm interested in reselling TouchPresenter. Who should I contact?
We welcome new resale partners, domestic and overseas. Please use the contact form and let us know about your interest in becoming a TouchPresenter reseller. Business Development will get back to you with more information about our partner program and answer any questions you may have.
The partner page may also help you answer a few questions about our partner program.
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