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Enhanced PDF viewing features for brochure kiosks
Phoenix, Arizona | 05 Sep 2017

For an enhanced user experience of all TouchPresenter-powered information kiosks using the PDF document viewing and emailing, we updated the PDF viewer feature. The enhanced PDF-viewing feature includes multi-touch gestures, multi-page scrolling, and buffered emailing of PDF documents in the event of temporary loss of internet connection. Excellent in brochure kiosks at trade show booths and events. This is a free update for registered TouchPresenter users.

Custom media player buttons for video kiosks
Phoenix, Arizona | 16 Aug 2017

The newly added custom media player button feature allows TouchPresenter users to customize video player buttons to match the button design of their information kiosks. Users can implement custom designed play, stop, pause, fast forward and fast rewind buttons as best suitable for the video play sessions offered in the information kiosk. This is a free update for registered TouchPresenter users. If some or all of your information kiosk content includes videos, check out this cool new feature.

The TouchPresenter website got a facelift
Phoenix, Arizona | 15 Jan 2017

In an effort to enhance usability and user experience on the TouchPresenter website, the look and feel and navigation was updated. We you hope you find it useful and would love to receive your comments.

Enhancements for TouchPresenter's PDF viewer
Phoenix, Arizona | 01 Jul 2015

We added a few enhancements for the display of PDF documents. Users have now more control over document orientation, background colors as well as initial zoom settings.

New feature: Web widgets for your kiosk
Phoenix, Arizona | 11 Feb 2015

Newly, the TouchPresenter kiosk software supports web widgets. This feature is useful if you want to place a self-updating weather widget on the home page of your kiosk. The web widget feature requires internet connection.

Support for second monitors on information kiosks
Phoenix, Arizona | 02 Feb 2015

Second screen video is here! Kiosk owners who want to display ads and messages independently from the main screen, can now do so, and manage the content for both main and second screen with TouchPresenter information kiosk software.

Make a call feature added
Phoenix, Arizona | 01 Apr 2013

Several customers requested this feature and now it's here. We recently added the "make a call" feature.

Newly added PDF links for PDF viewer
Phoenix, Arizona | 01 Dec 2013

PDF documents can now be linked to and retrieved from additional sources, including http, https, and ftp origins.