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Information kiosks in a wide range of settings

Interactive, Informational Kiosks Powered By TouchPresenter

All customer-facing industries can use TouchPresenter information kiosk software

Build beautiful, interactive informational kiosks. What's in the kiosk is entirely up to you.
Examples include: Interactive patient education kiosks, brochure kiosks for tradeshow booths, museum visitor kiosks, self service information kiosks, hall of fame kiosks, employee training and education, visitor information kiosk, homebuilder information kiosks, memorial kiosks.
The TouchPresenter kiosk app helps you show off your business in an interactive touchscreen kiosk.

museum uses TouchPresenter to explain details of exhibit with presentations and video
Exhibit Information Kiosk
TouchPresenter powers the information kiosk with a searchable database of plaques
Kiosk With Searchable Database
zoo visitors learn about exhibited animals and can take a fun quiz
Information + Quiz Kiosk
guests can query the information kiosk and complete a customer survey as well
Information + Survey Kiosk
case study shows how a tourist destination informs visitors with an interactive kiosk
Tourist information kiosk
TouchPresenter lets trade show attendees email presentations and brochures in PDF format to themselves
Trade Show
Tradeshow Booth kiosk
searchable information kiosk in honor of veterans of the county
Veteran's Memorial Kiosk
visitors can learn about the national park with a TouchPresenter information kiosk at the visitor centre
National Park
Visitor Information Kiosk
TouchPresenter kiosk helps job-seekers and visitors find relevant information at the NPO community outreach point
Customer Outreach Kiosk
Members of the congegration and visitors have access to a kiosk filled with information, audio clips of the cathedral organs and a variety of videos
Congregation Information Kiosk
TouchPresenter powers the main kiosk monitor displaying interactive tourist information while the second monitor plays ads
Tourism + Hospitality
Virtual Concierge Kiosk
the information kiosk powered by TouchPresenter explains services and what patients can do on their own to improve their condition
Patient Education Kiosk
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