About TouchPresenter

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About TouchPresenter

TouchPresenter™ information kiosk software and its add-in app Infopacer® are designed and marketed by CREOSO, a Phoenix-Arizona based software firm. CREOSO is an internationally recognized designer of interactive software solutions for touch technology, a Microsoft partner and a member of the MSDN developer network. In addition to the interactive information kiosk software programs TouchPresenter and Infopacer, CREOSO publishes the Digivey™ Survey Suite a feature-rich survey software program for the creation and management of interactive surveys for kiosks, tablets and web surveys, as well as RollaPoll™, an application for mobile surveys with Android tablets. TouchPresenter and Digivey can work together seamlessly. Customers owning either of those two software programs can add the other program to expand features and applications.

CREOSO's offerings also include integrated turnkey solutions. Among those are free-standing as well as turnkey information kiosks, portable tablet-based survey stations, and turnkey survey kiosks.

Our Vision

Empower out-of-home customers with quick access to interactive information anywhere, at any time.

Our Mission

Continue to simplify customer information at the point-of-experience through reliable interactive software solutions.

Simplify on-site customer information

Make your information kiosk work for you harder with TouchPresenter software.

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TouchPresenter At A Glance

In lockstep with customer's needs and ever evolving interactive kiosk technology

First Launch

TouchPresenter was first launched in 2004 as a simple information kiosk management tool and has since evolved into a one-stop multi-page capable, multi-functional information kiosk content editor with integrated player. An optional cloud-based add-in delivers deployment and content synchronization capabilities.

Supported O/S

TouchPresenter is information kiosk software for Windows. It can be run under all current Windows operating systems: Windows 10, 8, 7, all versions; 32-bit and 64-bit.

Programming Platform

TouchPresenter's programming platform is Microsoft Dot.Net. For deployment related tasks kiosk content synchronization and kiosk update automation cloud-based web apps are used.

Current Version

The current TouchPresenter version is V5+. Earlier versions are no longer supported. Version 5 offers a comprehensive list of features as well as purpose-dedicated add-ins supporting interactive information kiosks. Separately sold add-ins include synchronization, databases e.g. an add-in for building veteran memorial kiosks and a web-based fun quiz app. Please contact us with requests for existing or new add-ins.