Let The Kiosk Tell Your Story

TouchPresenter helps

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fast and easy information kiosk creation

Deliver Information 24/7

Engage customers around the clock

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information kiosks tell your story - TouchPresenter helps

Make Information Engaging

Empower your customers

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electronic content is fast and easy to update and saves print cost


And deliver YOUR message

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make smart use of customers waiting times

Inform. Present. Promote.

real fast information kiosk creation

Fast And Easy

Build a new information kiosk in just a few hours. No special skills required.

fully customize look and feel

Flexible Kiosk Content Design

Take full control over the look and feel of your kiosk and personalize every aspect of it.

implement a vivid content mix

Enjoy Powerful Content Options

Deliver compelling content using presentations, slideshows, videos, PDF documents and Digivey surveys.

save cost and workload by reusing marketing materials

Employ New And Existing Materials

Make existing marketing materials part of your kiosk content or utilize new ones.

Show relevant information when it serves your customers best

Use the built-in schedule to schedule what you would like to display at the kiosk when. Schedule programming to display at specific days or during a specific time of the day. Scheduled programming is particularly helpful if your offerings change between week days and weekend days or if you offer certain services during different times of the day. For example, if a restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner he will want to promote meal-appropriate specials dependent on the time of the day.

Learn from the usage statistics how customers use the kiosk

TouchPresenter records in the background which pages are viewed and auto-generates a variety of reports at the click of a button. Use these statistics to re-structure and overhaul the kiosk content from time to time.

Keep your kiosk up-to-date at minimum workload and cost

Print material gets outdated quickly and incurs print costs and other costs at every update. Electronic content and digital brochures can be updated at virtually no costs at any time.

Product Characteristics

Create and publish interactive information at your touch screen kiosks with quick to learn and easy to use TouchPresenter information kiosk software.
Manufactured by: CREOSO Corporation
Model: V5
Product ID: CR-TP
$250.00 for a single perpetual software license


  • The TouchPresenter software is a great information kiosk system. Ideal to thoroughly explain each of our exhibits at the heritage center.
    Lauren - Executive Director
  • The TouchPresenter software helped me realize a business idea around interactive information on demand. I would not trade it for another.
    Greg - Business owner
  • What we like most about TouchPresenter is how fast and easy a new project can be set-up and the degree of customization that can be achieved.
    Linda - Co-owner

TouchPresenter in action

  • Support your brand

    Personalize the look and feel of your kiosk content to go along with your corporate design. Add logos, taglines, background images and illustrations.

  • Attract and they will come

    Pep up the kiosk content with rich media on strategic pages: Use presentations, slide shows, videos, audio, infographics, audios, sales ads and event information.

  • Encourage user interaction

    Offer features requiring active user integration like instant printing of a PDF document, downloading a file, emailing a brochure, sending text messages and making calls.

  • Bring your website on-site

    Use the built-in lock-down browser to link to your website or third party websites. Limit web surfing to a domain. Allow all pages on a domain or specify certain allowed pages.

  • Schedule programming

    Play certain sections of the content during specific time frames only. Schedule the kiosk content by one or more days of the week or schedule by the time of the day.

  • Extend the reach

    For your customers with smart phones and tablets place QR codes on frequently requested pages to extend the reach of the information offered at the kiosk beyond the visit.

Simplify on-site customer information

Interactive information and digital brochures make your kiosk work for you harder

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