TouchPresenter tells your story in a kiosk

Easily create and manage vivid, interactive information kiosk content with TouchPresenter.


Delight customers through always available, fast to access self-service information. Deliver the right message at the right time. Empower your customers.


Offer self-service information consisting of presentations, slideshows, videos, images, sound, portfolios, PDF documents, guides, websites, surveys...


Promote what is important to you and your audience: Products, services, specials, website and social media pages. Announce events. Suggest where to go, what to see.

What is TouchPresenter

Solve on-site information challenges with TouchPresenter kiosk software.
Deliver interactive self-service information to customers and visitors 24/7.
Eliminate the costs and limitations of printed materials with easy to update digital content.

One-stop solution

TouchPresenter is a one-stop kiosk content editor with integrated player covering the needs of a wide range of informational kiosk applications.

Deployment options

Publishing new or edited kiosk content is easy. Single kiosks may use simple manual or network deployment whereas for multiple kiosks several electronic publishing options are available.

Usage statistics

TouchPresenter records viewed pages and auto-generates reports and charts at the click of a button. The insights gained from the usage statistics help with the planning of kiosk content updates.

Save workload and time

Printed marketing material gets outdated quickly and is expensive. The electronic content of TouchPresenter powered information kiosks is paperless and sustainable. It can be updated at tiny cost and workload at any time.


TouchPresenter lets you build a user-friendly information kiosk that is completely customizable and visually pleasing in just a few hours. New and existing kiosk content can be quickly woven together to reach customers with the right message at the right time.

No programming knowledge

There is no steep learning curve and no programming knowledge is necessary. TouchPresenter's intuitive user interface makes it easy for anyone to be productive from hour one.

Make more with add-ins

For special purposes, like veteran memorial kiosks add-ins are available. Another important time-saving add-in publishes and synchronizes kiosk content. We can also help with custom programming of add-ins on request.

More Features

TouchPresenter's versatile features help you realize a beautiful, interactive information kiosk.

Lock-down browser

If you want to bring part or all of your own or other websites to your kiosk, TouchPresenter's built-in lock-down browser limits web-surfing.

QR-code generator

Generate QR-codes from within TouchPresenter to extend the life of links to your own websites or social media websites for kiosk users with mobile devices far beyond the visit.

Brochures on demand

Customers, trade show attendees and event participants can select PDF brochures and other PDF documents to email it to themselves directly from the kiosk.

Surveys and quizzes

When adding questionnaires created with Digivey survey software to the kiosk, surveys and quizzes can be run and managed by TouchPresenter.

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